Greens Norton Village Show Society

Notes for Exhibitors in the Plants and Flowers, Fruit and Vegetable Classes

Stage exhibits as attractively as possible in accordance with the rules – the judge may be influenced by good presentation. Allow plenty of time for staging.

Keep flowers such as annuals, Dahlias, Gladioli, Lilies and Pansies well-watered a week or two before the Show and protect them from rain damage. Cut the evening before the Show when it is cool.

Pick fruit as near to Show time as possible, leaving stalks on. Hold plums and grapes by the stalk to avoid removing the natural bloom. Stage apples with eye uppermost.

Wash root vegetables with a soft cloth using plenty of water. Cut leaves so that 75mm of leaf stalk remains then tie neatly with raffia. Onion and shallot roots should be trimmed and the tops trimmed leaving enough to tie with raffia. Leave leaves on beetroot.

Cut beans off the vine with scissors leaving some stalk attached.

Courgettes should be young and fresh, about 150mm long and 35mm in diameter. Choose shallow eyed potato tubers weighing about 200g.

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