Greens Norton Village Show Society

Schedule 2018

Class 1. A repurposed item as a patio planter, planted up with flowers

This class will be judged by visitors to the show

Children’s Categories

Judged by Kate Stretton

Under 4 years

Class 2. Look what I made with a paper plate

Class 3. A finger paint flower garden

Class 4. A pet made with (home-made or branded) dough

4-7 years

Class 5. A beaded bracelet

Class 6. A button mosaic

Class 7. A magic wand

7-11 years

Class 8. A poem about a chocolate bar

Class 9. A knitted itemClass

Class 10. My Lego creation – no larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

Class 11. A decoration using wool/yarn can include other items

12-16 years

Class 12. Design a prom/party outfit

Class 13. My school project

Class 14. Design a Frankenstein book cover or poster 

Take a look at classes too! Exhibitors in classes 2 to 14 are reminded that they are not limited to entering these classes only but are encouraged to enter any other classes

Plants and Flowers,Fruit and Vegetable Classes

Floral Art 

The Floral Art Rose Bowl

Judged by Mrs M Seckington

Purchased materials may be used in this section where appropriate but all plant material must be fresh – not artificial. Stems must be in water or water retaining material. Take care to observe the size limitations, but do make good use of the space allowed. 

Class 15. No flowers – use only foliage, berries and seeds

Class 16. A petite arrangement with the theme “Votes for Women”.  Maximum size 25cm x 25cm x 25cm

Class 17. A table arrangement with the theme “Death by Chocolate”Class 18. Lest we forget – 1918

Plants and Flowers

The Butchers Arms Cup

Judged by Mr T Godfrey. 

Class 19. A specimen rose 

Class 20. A specimen dahlia

Class 21. A vase of herbs 

Class 22. An Orchid in flower

Class 23. A vase of cut flowers from your garden 

Class 24. 5 stems of Annuals in one vase 

Class 25. 3 stems of Perennials in one vase 

Class 27. A pot plant – foliage 

Class 28. One spike of Gladioli

Class 29. A vase of grasses



The Parish Council Cup

Judged by Mr T Godfrey 

Class 30. 3 Dessert apples

Class 31. 3 Cooking apples

Class 32. A plate of 9 raspberries

Class 33. A plate of 5 plums 

Class 34. 3 Pears 

Class 35. A plate of any other fruit


The Butler Challenge Cup

Judged by Mr T Godfrey 

Class 36. 3 Beetroot 

Class 37. 3 Carrots, long 

Class 38. 3 Carrots, stump 

Class 39. 5 French beans 

Class 40. A marrow

Class 41. 3 Onions 

Class.42. 3 Courgettes 

Class 43. 3 Potatoes

Class 44. 5 Runner beans

Class 45. 5 Shallots

Class 46 5 Tomatoes

Class 47. 9 Small tomatoes – cherry or plum varieties – not to exceed 35mm in Diameter

Class 48. 3 Leeks

Class 49 3 Parsnips

Class 50. 3 Any other vegetable

Class 51. A collection of herbs in a vase

Class 52. A collection of one of each of 5 different vegetables on a tray – maximum size 30cm x 30cm



The Handicraft Cup

Judged by Mrs C Wood and Mrs J Ayton

Class 53 Autumn colours – any medium

Class 54 A poppy or poppies – any medium

Class 55. A Christmas decoration

Class 56. An item of jewellery

Class 57. A craft item made of paper

Class 58. You’ve made it, let’s see it – for men only

Class 59. Made of wool

Class 60. An embroidery with silks/floss


The Society’s Art Cup

Judged by Mr R Wallis

Exhibits need not be framed.  Maximum size, including frame 54cm x 54cm

Class 61. Medium of coloured pencils

Class 62. An illuminated letter(s) – any medium

Class 63. At the seaside – any medium

Class 64 Still life – any medium

Class 65. It’s artwork so let’s see 


The Diamond Jubilee Cup for Photography

Judged by Mr R Wallis 

Photographs may be unframed but may be mounted. Maximum photograph size 20cm x 15cm. If mounted the overall size should not exceed 26cm x 20cm

Class 66. Tower(s)

Class 67. Now and then – Then to be any old photo or postcard, both pictures  to be submitted

Class 68. Laughter

Class 69. Reflections – a manipulated photograph, original to be submitted

Class 70. A windy day

Class 71. Under 16s only – Transport

Class 72. Glorious Greens Norton, Delightful Duncote or Beautiful Bradden – a 2 minute video to be posted onto the Show website.  See here


The Millennium Trophy for classes 73 to 78, and the John Coombes Trophy for class 79
Mrs B Pointing will judge this section according to National Federation of Women’ Institute guidelines

Class 73. 5 wholemeal bread rolls, to be made by hand

Class 74. 5 savoury muffins – to be accompanied by the recipe

Class 75. A double shortcrust fruit pie – made with own pastry

Class 76. 5 squares of parking to set recipe

Class 77. 5 Viennese whirls to set recipe

Class 78. A coffee and walnut cake

Class 79. A Dundee cake to set recipe – MEN ONLY

Class 80. 5 chocolate muffins to set recipe – UNDER 16s ONLY


The Preserves Cup
Mrs J Slater will judge this section according to National Federation of Women’s Institute guidelines 
The minimum weight of preserves is to be 350g unless stated. Preserves should be presented with either a new twist top or a waxed disc with cellophane cover to achieve a seal. Jars and bottles should be labelled with the contents and the day, month and year of making

Class 81. A jar of jelly – minimum weight 227g 

Class 82. A jar of fruit curd – maximum weight 227g 

Class 83. A jar of fruit chutney 

Class 84. 100ml fruit liqueur

Class 85. A jar of marmalade

Class 86. A jar of jam


Class 87. 3 eggs presented on a plate/bowl the judge can break the eggs Any colour or variety