Greens Norton Village Show Society

First Prize Winners and Children 2017

Here is a list of the first prize winners and all childrens winners. If you would like to see pictures of the exhibits visit our winners gallery.

Prize giving
Prize giving


A picture using leaves Eli Starmer
A model monster made out of fruit, vegetables or flowers Owen Griffiths
3 decorated biscuits Owen Griffiths
A fabric flower fashion accessory 1st Erin Starmer

2nd Georgina Webber

A model robot Asa Griffiths
3 pieces of Tiffin Asa Griffiths
Grass Heads 1st Johnny Senders

2nd Eli Starmer

3rd  Oli Moore

A table arrangement for a birthday tea party Hazel Starmer
A miniature arrangement in an unusual container Annie Freeman
A corsage for either a Northampton Saints or Cobblers’ supporter Barbara Shepley
A Pot plant, foliage Rita Marsh
An Orchid in flower Katherine Turner
A Rose – specimen bloom Carole Harrington
A Dahlia – specimen bloom Jim Linnell
5 stems of Annuals in one vase Jim Linnell
3 stems of Perennials in one vase Jim Linnell
3 stems of Pinks in one vase Jim Linnell
One spike of Gladioli Carole Harrington
A vase of cut flowers from your own garden Jim Linnell
3 Dessert apples Jim Linnell
3 Cooking apples Louisa Woods
A plate of 9 raspberries Philip Stewart
A plate of 5 plums Annette Smith
3 Pears Nigel Jones
A plate of any other fruit Jim Linnell
3 Beetroot Jim Linnell
3 Carrots, long Philip Stewart
3 Carrots, stump Jim Linnell
6 French beans Philip Stewart
3 Onions, grown from sets Annie Freeman
3 Courgettes Michael and Jill Denton
3 Potatoes Jim Linnell
5 Runner beans Nigel Jones
5 Shallots Jim Linnell
5 Tomatoes Jim Linnell
9 Small tomatoes – cherry or plum varieties Carole Harrington
3 Leeks Jim Linnell
3 Any other vegetable Brian Harrington
A collection of herbs in a vase Carole Harrington
A collection of one of each of 5 different vegetables on a tray Jim Linnell
A children’s toy Sharron Lord
A quilted item, may be displayed folded Sharron Lord
A hand knitted item Sharron Lord
A book mark – any medium Sharron Lord
Red, white and blue – any medium Sharron Lord
The medium is wood Carole Harrington
An upcycled item/items Claire Nicoll
Oils Kathryn Beaurain
Water colour Louisa Woods
Charcoal or pencil Carole Harrington
A picture on a postcard Louisa Woods
A special moment Maegan Welsh
In motion Frances Hall
The street where I live Maegan Welsh
A humorous photograph with a caption Carole Harrington
In the city Frances Hall
Decorative bread Annette Smith
Shortbread Alison Marchington
5 cupcakes Annette Smith
6 meat free savoury rolls Cathy Hall
Chocolate brownies to a set recipe Alison Marchington
FOR MEN ONLY – Lemon drizzle cake to a set recipe Jim Linnell
A jar of jam Heather Smith
A jar of marmalade Heather Smith
A jar of jelly Heather Smith