Advertising Rates for the Village Show Schedule 2019

To help fund the Greens Norton village show we have advertising in the Schedule which is distributed to 850 homes around July 2019. The rates for 2019 are:


  • Back Page £95
  • Full Page £85
  • Half Page £50
  • Quarter Page £30

Black & White

  • Full Page £50
  • Half Page £30
  • Quarter Page £18

If you would like to take out an advert then please contact us through the website.

Committee Meeting Announcements – Classes for 2019

Under 4

A potato hedgehog

A handprint butterfly

Colour the picture in the schedule


A teacup flower arrangement

A picture/collage of the moon – any medium

Colour the picture in the schedule


A poem with a decorated border – poem to be provided

A gift for a Royal baby

Best decorated pair of wellies

Colour the picture in the schedule

A category to be decided by the school


(Item must be of a size that can be displayed on a table top)

  • It’s been sitting in my cupboard for ages and I’ve finally finished it (Give the starting date)
  • A Lego sculpture with no more than 50 bricks (open to all ages)
  • What makes you think of your village – any medium
  • An embroidery – any medium
  • A gift for a Royal baby (Victorian or contemporary)
  • Knitted or crocheted fruit or vegetable
  • An upcycled item (provide description of original) – FOR MEN ONLY


Exhibits need not be framed. Maximum size, including frame 54cm x 54cm

  • Space – to commemorate the first moon landing in 1969 – any medium
  • Architecture/heritage – any medium
  • A pen and ink drawing
  • Flowers – any medium
  • It’s artwork so let’s see it


Maximum photograph size 20cm x 15cm. If mounted the overall size should not exceed 26cm x 20cm

  • Letters of the alphabet
  • Fur or feathers
  • Funny faces – can be a manipulated photo
  • Shapes and patterns in architecture
  • Holiday snaps
  • Steam


3 Beetroot
3 Carrots, long
3 Carrots, stump
5 French beans
A marrow
3 Onions
3 Courgettes
3 Potatoes
5 Runner beans
5 Shallots
5 Tomatoes
9 Small tomatoes – cherry or plum varieties

3 Leeks
3 Parsnips
3 Any other vegetable
A collection of one of each of 5 different vegetables on a tray – maximum size 30cm x 30cm

Floral Art

In a cup and saucer – max 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

A celebration – tell us what it is – max 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

A Victorian posy

Plant and flowers

As 2018 except pot plant to be flowering not foliage


Madeira cake – for men only – set recipe

A novelty cake – public vote, judged on decoration only


Bakewell tart

Fruit scones

Choc chip cookies

Banana loaf – set recipe

Swiss roll – set recipe


As 2018 but fruit liqueur not more than 200ml


As 2018