The Society was formed in 1988 after several years without a village show.
The objects for which it was formed are set out in its Constitution and are:
• To establish, promote and run village shows for the benefit of residents
and past residents of Greens Norton, Bradden and Duncote (“the
• To educate, encourage and raise standards in the development of
traditional and modern crafts and skills
• To promote the cultivation of fruits, flowers and vegetables
• To foster the community spirit of the villages and to encourage the youth
of the villages to become active members of the community
• To promote and encourage tidiness in the public areas and front gardens
of the villages.
Membership of the Society is open to all individuals over 18 years old, ordinarily
resident in the villages, or who have been resident, and to any body corporate or
unincorporated association interested in furthering the objectives of the Society.
The Society is administered by a committee, elected annually at the Annual
General Meeting