Classes for Greens Norton Village Show 2020

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Greens Norton Village Show 2020

The Classes

Children’s Categories

Under 4 years

Class 1. A “Keep Safe” Rainbow

Class 2 . A collage



4-7 years

Class 3. A “Keep Safe” Rainbow

Class 4. A bus made from boxes

Class 5. A “Love on the Rocks” style painted stone



7-11 years

Class 6. A “Keep Safe” Rainbow

Class 7. A decorated heart to thank front line workers – any medium including an edible one

Class 8. Design a stamp for the Olympics in Japan in 2021



Take a look at other classes too!

Exhibitors in classes 1 to 8 are reminded that they are not limited to entering these classes only but are encouraged to enter any other classes




Plants and Flowers

Class 9. A specimen rose

Class 10. A specimen dahlia

Class 11. A vase of herbs

Class 12. An Orchid in flower

Class 13. A vase of cut flowers from your garden

Class 14. 5 stems of Annuals in one vase

Class 15. 3 stems of Perennials in one vase

Class 16. A cactus or succulent

Class 17. One spike of Gladioli

Class 18. A vase of grasses



Exhibitors are asked to name the variety, if known

Class 19. 3 Dessert apples

Class 20. 3 Cooking apples

Class 21. A plate of 9 raspberries

Class 22. A plate of 5 plums

Class 23. 3 Pears

Class 24. A plate of any other fruit




Exhibitors are asked to name the variety, if known

Class 25. A plate of 3 salad vegetables

Class 26. 3 Carrots, long

Class 27. 3 Carrots, stump

Class 28. 5 French beans

Class 29. 3 non-white potatoes

Class 30. 3 Onions

Class 31. 3 Courgettes

Class 32. 3 Potatoes

Class 33. 5 Runner beans

Class 34. 5 Shallots

Class 35. 5 Tomatoes

Class 36. 9 Small tomatoes – cherry or plum varieties – not to exceed 35mm in  diameter

Class 37. 3 Leeks

Class 38 3 Parsnips

Class 39. 3 Any other vegetable

Class 40. A collection of one of each of 5 different vegetables on a tray –maximum size

30cm x 30cm





Class 41. Made for a special person – any medium

Class 42. “Make do and mend” – an item of clothing to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the introduction of rationing

Class 43. An embroidery – any medium

Class 44. A knitted or crocheted bobble hat in the colours of your favourite team

Class 45. You’ve made it, let’s see it




Exhibits need not be framed. Maximum size, including frame 54cm x 54cm

Class 46. A poster to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE or VJ Day

The winner will be decided by public vote on the day of the show

Class 47. A Keep Safe Rainbow Class 48. An animal – any medium Class 49. A watercolour Class 50. The National Trust – any medium

Class 51. It’s artwork so let’s see it

Class 52. Your village – any medium




Photographs must be unframed but may be mounted. Maximum photograph size 20cm x

15cm. If mounted the overall size should not exceed 26cm x 20cm

Class 53. The National Trust Class 54. Windows

Class 55. Water

Class 56. In bloom

Class 57. Sport

Class 58. Mini beasts




Class 59. A tea loaf to a set recipe

Class 60. I’ve grown it and now I’ve cooked it – show recipe

Class 61. My favourite cake – show recipe

Class 62. 5 savoury muffins

Class 63. 5 wholemeal bread rolls

Class 64. 5 rum truffles – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Black Tot Day

Class 65. A Victoria sponge to a set recipe – MEN ONLY




The minimum weight of preserves is to be 350g unless stated.

Preserves should be presented with either a new twist top or a waxed disc with cellophane cover to achieve a seal

Jars and bottles should be labelled with the contents and the day, month and year of making

Class 66. A jar of jelly – minimum weight 225g

Class 67. A jar of fruit curd – minimum weight 225g

Class 68. A jar of fruit chutney

Class 69. Fruit liqueur – not more than 200ml

Class 70. A jar of marmalade

Class 71. A jar of jam

Class 72. A jar of pickles

2020 Classes.pdf

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